Сам Потоличио ще изнесе публична лекция в СУ

Академичният семинар за изучаване на президентската институция с ръководител доц. д-р Костадин Грозев
към Университетския комплекс по хуманитаристика „Алма матер“ организира публична лекция
на проф. Сам Потоличио от Джорджтаунския университет в САЩ на тема „Preparing Global Leaders: The Most Important Qualities for the 21st Century“. Лекцията ще бъде на английски език и ще се проведе на 23 април 2012 г. от 18.00 ч в зала № 2 на Ректората на СУ.

Малко информация за лектора:

Sam Potolicchio teaches Politics and Public Policy and Research Methods for the Semester in Washington Program at Georgetown University. At Georgetown, Potolicchio has taught courses on Presidential Rhetoric, Religion and Politics, Constitutional Law, and the United States Political System. He is the founding faculty member and academic member of the Preparing Global Leaders Summit in Moscow, Russia at the Russian Presidential Academy and the Preparing Global Leaders Institute in Tetovo, Macedonia at SEEU. He is also the academic director for Georgetown’s Global Visiting Student Program.

Potolicchio was named by the Princeton Review as one of the „Best Professors in America“ in 2012. He has won numerous teaching awards at Georgetown and the K.Patricia Cross Award from the American Association of Colleges and Universities as one of the future leaders of American higher education in 2011. He is the lecturer on American Federalism for the Open World Leadership program at the Library of Congress, where he speaks weekly to visiting dignitaries from the post-Soviet republics. Potolicchio’s book chapters on Religion and Politics have been published in volumes by Congressional Quarterly Press and Oxford University Press. He has delivered keynote lectures internationally at over 70 different universities in 24 countries. Potolicchio has taught students during his summers from almost 100 different countries. He is currently the lecturer on American Politics at Georgetown’s Global Education Institute where he lectures to government officials and businessmen from China and Japan. Potolicchio also serves as an administrator at the Landon School and as a basketball coach has guided his team, the Jelleff Hoyas to 6 undefeated championship seasons. He was educated at Georgetown and Harvard.

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